We’re a 501c3 non-profit foundation, raising awareness and funding to fight Pediatric Cancer.

Pediatric Cancer is a devastating disease. Every year more than 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. The Let’s Sack Cancer Foundation is embarking on a mission to raise awareness about the great research being done at Seattle Children’s. Seattle Children’s has the largest amount of clinical trials open in cancer immunotherapy research in the world.

let's sack cancer foundation

Board of Directors

President, CEO/Founder:Corky Frady
Chair:John Vicklund
Vice Chair:Jimmie Walker
Secretary/Treasurer:  Joe Creed

Board Members

Chuck Keels, Exec Director, Speakers Bureau
Sandra Wankleman, Business Director
Joe Wankleman, Networking & Military Liaison
Jacob Hadley, Marketing & Social Media
Danny Shadel, Event Liaison
Bill Yeend, Media Liaison
Randy Jorgenson, Baseball Liaison
Chris Berg
Alonzo Mitz, Football Liaison
Randle Morris
Dave Harshman, Basketball Liaison
Gary Seefried

Medical Advisors

Dr. Michael Brooks
Dr. Cheryl Gustafson

Advisory Board

Tom Allen, Interstate Batteries
Kent Chaplin
Grant Fjerndahl, Grant Writer
Ben Forrest
Ward Forrest
Dannay Haggart, Pres. Cherrish
Jim Corbett, V.P. Cherrish

Let’s Sack Cancer together.

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