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Board of Directors

President, CEO/Founder: Corky Frady
Chair: John Vicklund
Vice Chair: Jimmie Walker
Secretary/Treasurer:   Joe Creed

Foundation Advisors

Athletics Liaison


Alonzo Mitz: THEMINTZPROJECT.COM: [email protected]

Nesby Glasgow: Executive Global Tours, executiveglobaltours.com

Randal ‘too hard to handle” Morris: [email protected]


Gary Seefried


Randy Jorgenson:

Shawn Hoonan:

Chris Berg


Ward Forest:

Events Liaison

Danny Shadle

Law Enforcement Liaison

Sheriff Steve Boyer

Marketing Liaison

Gina Pajoman:

Shannon Berg:

Libby Miller

Media Liaison

Bill Yeend

Medical Liaison

Dr, Michael Brooks: Conifer CO

Military Liaison

Joe Wankleman


Ben Forest

Alex Boros

Seaun Richards

Jim Corbett

Tom Tuell


Let’s Sack Cancer together.

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