Let’s Sack Cancer is a fundraising initiative inspired by research discoveries in immunotherapy at Seattle Children’s.
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Let's Sack Cancer Foundation

How T-cell Immunotherapy Works

Simply put, the process is both highly technical and elegantly simple. First, a vial of blood is drawn from the patient. Next, researchers extract the T cells and modify them, adding a bit of genetic coding that turns them into chimeric antigen receptors (or CAR-T cells).The researchers then replicate the CAR-T cells, producing billions of them.

The modified T cells are then reintroduced to the patient, where they swiftly move throughout the body, finding and destroying cancer cells.

Give Every Child a Chance to Achieve Their Full Potential

Every three minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. 96% will be treated with chemotherapy and radiation. And 95% of children who survive cancer will have serious health issues by the time they are 45. It is the treatment, not the cancer itself, that causes these health issues.

Kids deserve better—this is where you come in!

With your help, we can accelerate immunotherapy as the front-line cure for childhood cancers. We can accelerate a cure that leaves their body, brain and spirit unharmed.

Let’s Sack Cancer is a non-profit that supports pediatric cancer research at Seattle Children’s and we need your support. Philanthropy is the only way. With your investment, Let’s Sack Cancer will help Seattle Children’s cure more childhood cancers with immunotherapy.

Donations can be mailed to:

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Let’s Sack Cancer together.

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