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Strong Against Cancer is a fund raising initiative inspired by research discoveries in Immunotherapy at Seattle Children’s, which is changing the way we treat Pediatric Cancer.

The great people associated with this program have been using immunotherapy and achieving fantastic results since their studies began within the walls of Seattle Children’s Ben Town Center for Childhood Cancer Research.



Simply put, the process is both highly technical and elegantly simple. Doctors draw a vial of blood from the patient. Researchers extract T cells and modify them, adding a bit of generic coding that programs the cells into chimeric antigen receptors (or CAR). Next researchers replicate these CAR T cells, producing billions of them.

As soon as these modified T cells are reintroduced to the patient, they swiftly move throughout the body, where they can now see and latch onto the cancer cells, cell by cell, until the disease is destroyed.

Immunotherapy is revolutionizing the treatment of cancer, but we need to move faster–there are kids that can’t wait. How can we reaccelerate treatment? That’s where you come in! Let’s Sack Cancer is purely a philanthropic program and it needs your support. Kids deserve better options and they do not have a decade to wait.


Let’s give these kids a chance to grow up and achieve their dreams.

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